10 Adorable Photos of Puppies On Their First Day of Work

Puppies at their first day at work

Puppies on their first day of work! Can you even imagine that?

We all know the fact that puppies are extremely adorable, playful, and a bit of CLUMSY. So, expect that when it’s already time for them to train and work, you absolutely laugh and have a great time with them.

And yes, despite their cuteness, these puppies meant business and are also serious with their works. Among the most common job roles that doggies fill in are military dogs, fire dogs, police dogs, medical assistance and disability dogs, therapy dogs and guide and hearing dogs.[mas-in-content]

The reason why dogs are excellent workerss is because their sensory skills are just so powerful comparing it to us, humans. The noses of service dogs are 50 times more sensitive than a human’s this helps our furkids effective in helping the police and fire departments. And not just that,  police dogs sniff out drugs, detect explosives and find missing people or objects while using their nose. Likewise, firefighter doggies detect ignitable substances and point to the cause of fire, especially in cases of arson.

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